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EZ10K Tuttnauer Kwiklave Autoclave

EZ10K Tuttnauer Kwiklave AutoclaveDesigned for dental offices in need of high-yield, very fast, and highly effective sterilizing solutions, Tuttnauer’s EZ10K Kwiklave Autoclave is engineered to suit all of the needs of your dental practice. Featuring a large-capacity chamber, small countertop footprint, and a suite of contemporary, high-tech settings and other features, the EZ10K Kwiklave Autoclave – for sale at a used price as amazing as the EZ10K itself – it also boasts one of the quickest sterilizing times on the market. Continue reading

Tuttnauer 3870EA Large Capacity Fully Automatic Autoclave

Tuttnauer 3870EA Large Capacity Fully Automatic AutoclaveAmong the very largest commercial autoclave units on the market, Tuttnauer’s 3870EA Large Capacity Fully Automatic Autoclave, only just now available at our special used price on, is ideal for multi-doctor practices, clinics, or surgery centers. The 3870EA’s expansive, 15” x 30” sterilization chamber can accommodate longer and larger instruments (or even a larger quantity of smaller instruments) than almost any other autoclave unit that we – or anyone else – have offered.

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Tuttnauer 3850E Digital Autoclave Sterilizer

Tuttnauer 3850E Digital Autoclave SterilizerAnother medium-capacity automatic autoclave from Tuttnauer, the 3850E Digital Autoclave Sterilizer is, like the 3870EA, designed for offices, clinics, and practices in need of an autoclave unit capable of sterilizing very large tools and objects or large numbers of small items. With an internal chamber capacity of 15” x 20”, it’s easy to see why. Now that we at have gotten ahold of a used Tuttnauer 3850E, we are proud to offer it at a specially-discounted, online-only used price to you.

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Tuttnauer 2540MK Manual Kwiklave Autoclave Sterilizer

Tuttnauer 2540MK Manual Kwiklave Autoclave SterilizerThe bigger brother, higher capacity version of Tuttnauer’s 2540M Manual Series Autoclave, the 2540MK Manual Kwiklave Autoclave Sterilizer is also, like Tuttnauer’s other Kwiklave models, much faster than the standard autoclave. Including all of the features that made their 2540M line an excellent and powerful sterilizing value, the 2540MK Kwiklave is also able to sterilize more items at once in a larger-capacity chamber at only a modest increase in cost to you.

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Tuttnauer 1730M ValueKlave

Tuttnauer 1730M ValueKlaveAvailable used now from, the Tuttnauer 1730M ValueKlave was designed for those clinics in need of fast and effective sterilizing power at an easily-affordable price. The 1730M ValueKlave is a small, easy to use, and flexible autoclave unit, and can provide an excellent sterilizing solution to any clinic or office in need of basic sterilization capacity, including small- to medium-sized medical and dental offices.

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Tuttnauer 2540M Series Manual Autoclave

Tuttnauer 2540M Series Manual AutoclaveThe Tuttnauer 2540M Series Manual Autoclave is a sterilizing unit built by the industry-defining team at Tuttnauer, and the 2540M lives up to all expectations: it’s quick, durable, and designed to be a basic and inexpensive unit. Now available at a heavily-discounted and used, online-only price from, the 2540M would make a fantastic addition to any clinic or lab in need of a low-cost sterilizing solution.

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Sanyo MLS-3750 Autoclave

Sanyo MLS-3750 AutoclaveThe Sanyo MLS-3750 is our second used offering from Sanyo at, and we couldn’t be any more pleased to offer it to you at a deep discount from our online store.  Featuring a plethora of automatic settings, a very small profile, and a surprisingly large internal sterilization chamber, the MLS-3750 would make an excellent addition to any clinic or lab in need of a flexible sterilizing solution at a great price.

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