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Amsco Eagle 10 Autoclave

Amsco Eagle 10 AutoclaveAs a large-capacity autoclave unit designed for usage in any clinic, the Amsco Eagle 10 Autoclave is safe, fast, and dependable. Featuring a spacious 10″ x 16″ sterilization chamber, the Amsco Eagle 10 is able to accomodate up to two utensil trays at once, and is perfect for wrapped, unwrapped, and even liquid goods, making it a perfect fit for any clinic that needs to be able to sterilize many items at once in a short period of time.

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Amsco 613-R Dynaclave

Amsco 613-R DynaclaveThe Amsco 613-R Dynaclave is another autoclave unit from industry-leading Amsco, and is a large capacity autoclave unit in used – but excellent – condition designed for use in all manner of clinical practice.  Able to heat up to the germ-destroying temperature range of 250°F – 270°F, the Amsco 613-R Dynaclave is also fast and efficient, reaching operating temperature in as little as ten minutes.
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