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Dentronix DDUS Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine

Dentronix DDUS Ultrasonic Cleaning MachineThe Dentronix DDUS Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine is our only autoclave solution that’s been uniquely designed specifically to hold 4 Dentronix vertical plier racks, and it does so with efficiency and convenience.  The Dentronix DDUS Ultrasonic Cleaning Machine is also one of our quietest machines, and was engineered by Dentronix to run almost silently while providing optimal cleaning capabilities for Dentronix pliers.

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Dentronix DDS 7000 Autoclave Machine

Dentronix DDS 7000 Autoclave MachineThe Dentronix DDS 7000 Dry Heat Sterilizer is an autoclave unit designed for ease of use and simplicity, ensuring that your tools are sterilized quickly and effectively. Featuring a “Cycle Complete” light, which turns on only when all tools are sterilized and ready to use, ensures 100% of all spores and other living organisms are destroyed.

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